Naima Academy is the largest center in Liguria for artistic training where you can discover and enhance your talent for dance, singing and acting.


It boasts 10 rehearsal rooms, singing rooms, acting rooms, gyms, study space, baby parking with qualified staff, bars and offices.

Naima Academy organizes year-round internships with internationally renowned teachers, dancers and choreographers such as Garrison Rochelle and Steve La Chance and Blake McGrath.

Naima Academy's mission goes beyond being a dance school.

A deeply felt and treated aspect is the social one. There are many shows conceived by Matteo Addino (artistic director) on social issues, all treated with the utmost delicacy but with the incisiveness of the scenes that touched the soul of the spectators.


But at Naima Academy it is not limited to stage representation, participation must be active.

To give everyone a chance, Naima Academy awards through an audition (EXPERIENCE COMPANY), scholarships to attend a complete academic path, which includes dance, singing and acting.


A study plan of 8-10 hours per week is provided for scholarship holders, with lessons in three disciplines and participation in collateral seminars and internships, organized by Naima Academy throughout the year.

This is a merit competition, candidates will have to take the three tests in front of a commission.




Tel: 010 899 1460


Via Bobbio, 12, 16137 Genoa GE


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