Experience company is the professional training course for young dancers aged 10 to 17, this path is accompanied by participation in the shows of a baby company specially created to allow talents to immediately confront themselves with the stage.


The Experience Company is the first baby company born from the will of the current artistic director Matteo Addino who, in collaboration with the IDA (International Dance Association), aims to promote and create shows with topical issues suitable for a very young audience.

The company is currently made up of boys and girls from different Italian regions, engaged in an academic path and in both professional and personal training.

The project involves a weekly commitment spread over six days of attendance, it ends with an exam at the end of each year to be taken in front of a commission of internal and external teachers. In addition to the certificate issued by Naima Academy, upon reaching the age of majority, students of particular level and deemed suitable after passing the IDA commission exam supervised by President Roberta Fadda, will be able to receive a dancer diploma issued by the IDA.

Spettacolo "la grande mela"

Access is via audition. Particularly talented candidates can be added by the commission even from an academic year that has already begun. Particularly promising students are also offered scholarships both from Naima Academy and from IDA.


In addition to permanent teachers, internships are organized on a regular basis throughout the year with three guest teachers who will participate in training the students. The prestigious guests are: Loreta Alexandrescu (taught at La Scala in Milan), Emanuela Tagliavia (taught at La Scala in Milan), Roberta Broglia (IDA - Ravenna).

The company is constantly engaged in the creation of numerous and diversified shows that are always very successful on all the Italian stages where they have been presented. Among the most important are: "HALLOWEEN NIGHTMARE" (Mirabilandia), "WAIURA" (present in numerous events including the prestigious Como Lake Awards "," THE REALITY BOX "(105 Stadium Genova). Currently a new show is in progress from title "The big apple".


Joining a path such as the one proposed by IDA and Experience Company means having the opportunity to really bring out your potential.


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